Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wait! Again I say Wait!

Many of us think that we are waiting on YHVH G-D to act or we wait for as long as the period of time that we think that we ought to wait.  We have all been guilty of not developing a true since of learning how to wait.  Many of us think that we are waiting yet we are at a loss as to the true meaning of waiting.  My waiting will be different than your waiting.  Therefore, the knowledge of one waiting, I believe, is a part of each of our inherent nature, just as our individual uniqueness is.  So then, I cannot instruct you on how you should wait nor can you tell me how it would be for me to wait.

Spirit begins working through Divine Law in our lives that of which is good or whatever we feed into Her through our thought process. Often times, we mistakenly take blessings as a sign to ‘move’.  However, from the spiritual aspect, a blessing is merely a preparation to move us or our thought process to a higher level of spirituality. It is the first step for us to begin to empty out our being; to be empted of a dysfunction or that thing which keeps us from releasing pure unadulterated spirit. In order for us to release pure Spirit we must continually grow in order to make room for the fresh oil to flow unhindered that it not become rancid or stale from staying within.  This is in order for Spirit to make room for and replace any negative with all that is positive and good.  Spirit replaces all negativities and erroneous thoughts, if we allow it to be so with something fresh and new within our spirit as a foundation to the work that is to be accomplished within us.

All too often, many have become acclimated to the senses; those feel good sensations, we often move within that feel good mode.  Many thinking that we’ve got what Spirit was there to release within us because we feel good.  We then think that we are to release to others because we felt the Spirit!  Another misconception is that some believe that they are being called to the Office of Prophet because they were given prophetic utterance.  We think that everyone else should get it and feel good as well.  Yet, the feel good is only that!  It is a precursor to the work that is to be done within oneself.  It is the initial step that enables us to open our heart and mind to receive a ‘part’; prompting us or bringing us to that place where we can receive revelation of the ‘part’.  This is so that Spirit can work out the realization of the ‘part’ into our spirit.  If prophecy comes in part, we must know that all Truth and Revelation comes in part as well. These are done, in ‘part’ because the Divine Energy and Divine Light of the Divine Creator would utterly consume us.  We are unable to receive the full force!  YHVH is a consuming Fire!  Therefore, we must learn what it is to wait and how to wait.  So then, it behooves us to wait until we get additional Word, Truth and Revelation.  Running to a prophet or an apostle to get Word is not to wait on YHVH G-D or Spirit to work out the reality of that of which we have already received!

For example, a preschooler knows their numbers.  You cannot teach them algebra merely because they know their numbers! They have not learned the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division yet.  Therefore, they will be at a total loss as to how to accomplish an answer through the algebraic quotation.  The basics must be mastered!  This is the reason for Order and Protocol.  If one cannot hear or distinguish the promptings of Spirit from their own self-will, mind, ego and emotions, such a one is not ready to receive past the basics.  Their Gifts are undeveloped and unusable.  Until one realizes that it is not because of the Gifts they have been given but because of one’s weakness that they receive the Gifts, they will not receive ability or capacity to move into the higher aspects of Truth.  These most often fight and come against Truth and Revelation because of their inability to understand the formula used by Spirit.  Scripture says, “When that which is perfect is come, that which is in part will be done away with”.

In order to receive fresh oil; a fresh move of Spirit, we must effectively and knowledgeable release that of which we have.  We must pour out of ourselves that of which is inside; we must pour out and release blessings; we must pour out and release encouragement; we must pour out and release joy, kind words, and heartfelt-smiles to people.  When we walk past someone, there ought to be a double take because that field of energy that surrounds us should flow out to others.  We do not have to get all religious thinking that we have something to release to others of which they do not have that would save their souls.  That energy is that never ending Light!  It is the Divine Creator flowing from the heart and mind of man!  It is the effulgence of I AM; that of which people are drawn to as a magnet versus that of which man thinks is godly walking in their own way and tradition of  reverse polarity.

Mankind has only one purpose on this earth and that is to show forth the Light that cannot be hidden which draws all men into the Great I AM!  However, in order to receive this Light one must not only know how to wait on it but to allow Spirit to work out the reality of it within.  Only then will one have Revelation to release!  Not just words that one have perhaps become acclimated to; words that one think they are suppose to say, but heartfelt release of the sacrificial love of the Creator.  This sacrificial Love comes from a true emptying and pouring out of one’s spirit.  One cannot release what they do not have.  If someone has to go to a building to release joy, love and smiles to strangers, passer-by, the grumpy boss or your co-workers or that clerk who did not treat you with courtesy, they have not received the freshness or workings of Spirit within and they need to wait! Wait I say with thankful hearts and positive thoughts, again I say Wait!

Shalom Blessings Agape!
Apostle Rubie James


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